Research on the Application of 5G Technology to the Intelligent Construction of Sports Venues
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英文关键词:smart stadium  5G  new infrastructure  sports industry  high quality development
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      Since 2018, different economies in the world have made great effort to develop new infrastructure like 5G network, and major countries such as China and the United States have successively promulgated relevant development strategies. As one of the most advanced technologies in the current information infrastructure field, 5G technology has brought opportunities to the development of many industries and realized another leap in economy and society. In the era of information globalization, the smart transformation and upgrading of sports venues are also inseparable from 5G technology. Therefore, in order to promote the practical application of 5G technology in optimizing the service of smart stadiums, this article introduces the development status of smart stadiums in detail, and analyzes the actual application of 5G technology in the intelligent construction of stadiums. It's found that smart stadiums presently are also facing four major challenges: technical development constraints, unbalanced investment and income, lack of policy standards, and shortage of professional talents. In view of these challenges, corresponding suggestions are made so as to realize the transformation and upgrading of smart stadiums with the support of 5G technology.
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