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20140402 Comparison between the Professional Sports Collective Negotiation System in the East and in the West James A.R. Nafziger and Yang Beilei(Translator) 2014,(4):2-11 18128
20150105 School of Economic and Management, Shanghai University of Sport SHI Xiaoqiang 2015,(1):25-29 13040
20140119 General Principles of Law in International Sports Activities and Lex Sportiva Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos and Yang Beilei 2014,(1):74-81 13017
20100102 Analysis of the Strategic Environment of the Sports Development in Shanghai YIN Xiao-feng 2010,(1):5-14 11301
20090121 Factors Affecting the Teaching Results of the Volleyball General Course of the PE Major in China's Physical Education Institutions GU Wei-nong,SHENG Bao-lei and CUI An-fu 2009,(1):96-98 10725
20140509 Study on the Spatial Extension Mechanism of the Sports Recreation in Shanghai from the Perspective of Public Service Equalization HE Feng 2014,(5):48-56 9921
20140620 Experimental Study on the Implementation Effects of Applying the US "BE ACTIVE KIDS" Curriculum to PE Classes of Some of Shanghai Secondary Schools SHU Shengfang, PENG Guoqiang and WANG Yubing 2016,(1):82-89 9713
20090210 Construction Project of Sports Video Database ---- Comparison and Analysis of Open Source CMS Joomla Wang Yi 2009,(2):45-47 9562
20120601 On the sustainable development of the competitive sports in shanghai again——National Games or Olympic Games MIAO Jia 2012,(6):1-6 9418
20140109 Application of Electromyography (EMG) in Sports Biomechanical Researches WANG Kun,LI Xiaosheng,SONG Ran,FU Renjie and GUO Xiaohui 2014,(1):31-33-38 9395
20140619 Study on the Status Quo of School Sports Competitions and Development Strategies WEI Lei 2016,(1):78-81 9152
20130201 Problems of Chinese sports law system TAN Xiao-yong 2013,(2):1-5 9050
20130116 10 000 hour law and talent selection SHEN Xun-zhang 2013,(1):50-53 8984
20110106 Physical Activity and Metabolic Health QIU Jun 2011,(1):31-36 8869
20130101 Meeting the needs of the people and benefiting the people —— speeding up the construction of basic public sports service system in Shanghai WANG Cai-xing 2013,(1):1-5 8583
20100113 Monitoring Contents and Methods of Swimmer's Preconditioning of Altitude and Hypoxia Training GAO Bing-hong,GAO Huan,LI Zhi-jun 2010,(1):57-64 7694
20120319 Analysis of the Variation Characteristics of the Main Joint Angles in the Transition Phase of Zhang Jun's Spinning Shot Put SUI Xin-mei 2012,(3):82-84,95 7521
20160104 The Metaphor of Architecture: The Value of Barcelona Football Aesthetics in the Perspective of Chinese Recipients LU Yunting 2016,(1):35-42 7436
20120309 Connotation and Extension of the Concept of Sports Modernization ----- Based on the Relative Theories of the Science of Logic CHEN Wan-hong and XIAO Huan-yu 2012,(3):36-39 7429
20110514 On the Charactristics of Sport TV Media Development in Germany and Former Western Germany MIAO Jia 2011,(5):60-62 7376
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